Cashco, Inc.

Divisions of Cashco: Valve Concepts, Inc., Kaye MacDonald, Sensiflo

Select Control Valves & Regulators for Specialized or Utility Service
We manufacture a broad line of throttling rotary and linear control valves, pressure reducing regulators, and back pressure regulators in line sizes from 1/4 inch to 10 inches and Cv ranges from .002 to 4,406. Models are available to handle slurries, cryogenic service, and corrosive fluids; to withstand high temperatures and pressures; and to maximize the reduction of fugitive emissions. Contact Cashco for complete product information.

Make The Right Choice

"We simply make it right" by putting your needs first. The next time you specify control valves, regulators or you need a replacement fast, call the supplier that makes it right. Rely on Cashco for your single-source convenience. Great service, field-proven quality, and timely delivery makes Cashco the right choice.

Get Consistent Quality

By involving every employee in our ISO 9001/2000 Quality Assurance Program, we provide quality you can count on. We have coordinated our business systems, invested in state-of-the-art machine tools, and built an extensive component inventory so we can consistently provide cost-effective solutions and on-time delivery to meet your replacement or project requirements -- regardless of size or complexity.

Cashco, Inc. Advantages

Linear Valve Features

  • Tortuous flow path
  • Low recovery
  • Can throttle small flow rates
  • Suited to high-pressure applications
  • Separable bonnet

Rotary Valve Features

  • Streamlined flow path
  • High recovery
  • More capacity
  • Less packing wear
  • Can handle slurry and abrasives